The AI Chatbots- Why Is So Fuss About Them?

A chatbot is nothing but just an advanced program designed for conversation by its auditory and textual methods. Chatbot word is derived from “ChatterBot”. Other derivatives include:

  • Verbot
  • Smartbot
  • Talkbot
  • IM bot
  • Interactive agent
  • Conversational interface
  • AI conversational entity
  • and so on.

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Source: Chatbot Magazine


Talking about this technology, it was introduced by Alan Turing in 1950. He gave theoretical views which were then converted into implications. The evolution went on as:

  • 1966 ELIZA
  • 1972 Parry
  • 1988 Jabberwacky
  • 1992 Dr. Sbaitso
  • 1995 Alice
  • 2001 SmarterChild
  • 2006 IBM Watson
  • 2010 Siri
  • 2012 Google Now
  • 2013 WeChat
  • 2015 Cortana Alexa
  • 2016 Messenger Bots,
  • MS Tay
  • And so on.

What actually changed in these bots is that they have become intelligent gradually just like humans, using AI techniques.

Their working is very simple with a user interface allowing user to type or ask using AUI questions, the natural language processing engine then converts it to a structured code. The code is run in a loop to get results. This is the simplest, vague idea of their working.

Let’s talk about “Alexa/Siri – how is the weather?” The user interface will change the voice note, bringing complexity like from where it is coming and what is the actual noise and what is just distortion. The note is then passed through an automatic speech recognition engine ASRto figure difference between voice and noise. But, if you prank with Alexa, it will not respond because its AI engine has made it smarter enough. It understands everything. Suppose you say I am depressed, it will definitely ask to play some soothing music for you.

Amazing na?

This technology is going to the next level. The small bubble that appears at your screen when you go to online store, encourages you to have a chat. Bank industry is also not behind. They are giving online services and selling policies through chatbots. Paying bills, getting assistance etc.

Chatbots have automated everything. Employee engagement is totally changing. Every task is streamlined with chatbots. Suppose

Worker: “Mila, I am ill, I cannot come to work today”

Mila: “Ok, Get well soon”.

Mila is an Overstock.comchatbot that helps its workers in scheduling time. Extending further….

We say: “Emily, I am getting late”

Emily – “I think there are traffic issues, don’t worry I will send you another location. In the meantime, Emily will check for routes by GPS data, search for the location and inform by updating sheet.

Is this the end? No its not. Chatbots have become pro-active alarming of the situations like: “The weather seems unfavourable for you”, “You have a missing shipment”, “our customers are waiting” etc.

It is looking like chatbots are really taking over the future and they really are.

Either its security purpose or scheduling, chatbots have to be involved and if you don’t know how to make one for yourself. Leave it on Logic Finders. We will design one for you. Or, you can take our AI courses to be a pro in designing many of such techniques.