Creating low-cost, agile network infrastructure is the key to thrive in the realm of cloud computing. Alongside Software Defined Networking (SDN), there is one more technique as a must-have – the Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Network Function Virtualization or NFV is a method to let the network operators speed up their service dispositions while reducing the need for physical servers. It decouples prime network functions such as encryption or firewall from hardware or a physical server to virtual servers. Leveraging the benefits of cloud computing, it not only accelerates the operations but also reduces hardware necessities, reducing the overall cost.

As LogicFinder aims to deliver the best services for making your processes faster and reduce your overall operational costs, we offer Network Function Virtualization (NFV) too. With our NFV solutions, you will not only be able to maintain your budget but can also speed up the processes to meet your timelines. Hence, we facilitate you in achieving your business goals.

How Does Our NFV Services Help You

NFV alleviates the need for arranging more hardware as it manages the entire network load to clouds. A network operator can then manage the entire operations from anywhere through dedicated software that are compatible with industry standard equipment.

Employing NFV thus endows several benefits to you, such as,
• Reduced need for hardware
• Elevated operational pace
• Decreasing the overall operational cost
• Ease of managing operations
• Convenient network upgradation
• Reduced need for maintenance
• Lower network power consumption

Contact us now if you are interested in applying NFV to get the most out of your business.