We are a data science consulting and machine learning development firm. We are experienced in applying AI and Machine Learning to business problems. Our specialization is in Signal Processing, Text Processing, Network and Telecom Applications We’re a team of over 15 Machine Learning Consulting experts with former experience from the big tech.

Start a Machine Learning project with us

As a Machine Learning Consulting company, we offer end-to-end Machine Learning, Data Science, AI & software development. We will take care of your entire project from the data preparation to scalable deployment to production.

NLP (Text Processing)

Extract knowledge from human-language text – figures, names, relationships, entities; rank texts based on relevance to speed up reporting and analysis

Computer Vision

Detect objects on image, classify images into topic groups or by presence of a feature

Predictive Analytics

Predict the market conditions or product sales.
Understand customers, prevent churn and optimize resource usage and efficiency

Here's how we do it

– Scoping & Architecture Design
First, we need to understand your problem better. Once we determine there is a fit for Machine Learning, we will work closely together to prepare a roadmap, review the scientific literature, and determine requirements.

– Data Collection & Exploration
Machine Learning needs data. If you have data needed to train the models, we will perform an exploratory analysis phase to find patterns and correlations. If you don’t, we will collect the data for you using online sources (if possible).

– Model Development
We run thousands of experiments in parallel to develop a machine learning model. A model is the core of a machine learning system – trained on historical data it can predict the future trends or understand the semantics of a text.

– Full-stack application development
We integrate the model with a REST API or a front-end application, developing all necessary features to access the model in an user-friendly way.
Scalable and with the state-of-the-art security.

ML and AI Use Cases

Data Security
Personal Security
Financial Trading
Marketing Personalization
Fraud Detection
Online Search
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Smart Cars
Prevention against Cybersecurity Threats
Sensor Data Analysis (Internet of Things)

Our Services and Capabilities

– We offer custom machine learning consulting that brings modern machine learning tools to you.
– Leverage our artificial intelligence development skills to build adaptive, intelligent products and tools.
– Build predictive models that classify and quantify new events and customers based on historical data.
– Detect anomalies in your analytics and operations using intelligent machine learning algorithms.
– Use recent advances in deep learning and neural networks to find structure in noisy, complex input.
– Leverage reinforcement learning to build adaptive, intelligent agents that get smarter over time.

– Solution Assessment
– Data Analysis
– Annotation Gathering
– Model Develeopment
– Model Management

Custom Solutions

Machines can Read, See, and Understand your Data

At LogicFinder, we teach machines how to read your content, see what is in your imagery, watch what is in your videos and understand what is in your data. With this enhanced ability, your custom built AI and machine learning models can give you insights and make high value predictions for you. Recent breakthroughs in machine learning and AI combined with cloud computing advances and an experienced team make it possible for us to outperform general off the shelf solutions. We regularly beat off the shelf vertical platforms in accuracy, cost and time to a fully implemented solution. We have a number of solutions listed here, but if you don’t see your problem area represented, just contact us as there is an unlimited number of machine learning and AI custom solutions waiting to be built.

We’ve had the good fortune to work with many innovative companies that share our passion for leveraging AI and machine learning to enable exciting and powerful product capabilities.