To keep up with today’s fast-paced technology landscape, companies are moving to the cloud to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency and higher application performance across their organization. But moving your business to the cloud is rarely as simple as cutting a cord. From strategy to execution— LogicFinder provides comprehensive services to accelerate and simplify the process of moving to the cloud, making it seamless and non-disruptive.

We can help smooth your frequently bumpy path, by crafting a solid cloud strategy, assessing risks and helping you plan for the unexpected. As your partner, we also invest in your company’s future by understanding your strategic business goals, market dynamics, and technology assets that frame your cloud journey. Let our team help you implement, migrate and optimize the right cloud solution to achieve your objectives and modernize your business.


Cloud Assessment, Management and Operations Consulting
Experienced LogicFinder consultants can provide you with an assessment, roadmap, architecture design and implementation plan, plus integration assistance to successfully transition to a hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud Migration Services

We help you analyze, plan and execute successful transitions to the right virtual or physical environment to help you develop applications faster. Like migration to Office 365 and SharePoint

Data Center Migration

We help you relocate critical technology assets to new data center environments while staying operational, a process which can have pitfalls if not done correctly.

Cloud Brokerage Workload Planning

Improve and accelerate workload placement decisions. Workload planning services from IBM can help you assess apps for the cloud and find the best-fit provider.

Cloud & Technology Strategy

We help you consider the best mix of virtualization and provide recommendations to transition and transform onto cloud-enabled platforms.


Develop a cloud architecture and strategy Accelerate and simplify the cloud migration process Avoid time consuming, costly business and IT disruptions Assess IT risks and potential roadblocks Optimize your cloud investment

Delivering solutions on the leading cloud platforms.
Join over a million companies already running on AWS.

Solutions for AWS
Build, test and deploy using Google’s own infrastructure.

Solutions for GCP
Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption on Microsoft Azure.

Solutions for Azure
Supporting OpenStack and other private clouds.

Private Cloud