OpenFlow Controller- Type of SDN Controller

OpenFlow Controller is a type of SDN Controller that works by using OpenFlow Protocol. It is a main strategic point in SDN. OpenFlow Controller is set to determine the best path for traffic by using OpenFlow protocol for connectivity to routers and switches.  It can also use SDN protocols like OpFlex, Yang, and NetConf etc.

SDN Controllers are specialized for:

  • Network management.
  • Communication between devices.
  • Handling of events to meet changing needs.

The admins can manage network traffic with the help of control plane. more dynamically. An SDN Controller relays information to the routers applications and business logic through southbound APIs and northbound APIs respectively.

OpenFlow Controllers create a central control point which is designed to increase flexibility and agility by eliminating protocols from hardware vendors.

OpenFlow Controller Protocol


Use Cases of SDN and OpenFlow

It is not as simple to choose an SDN Controller, rather the OpenFlow functionality and vendor roadmap are evaluated by the organizations. They look after that new functionalities are compatible and supportive to the older versions and newer versions are functional. For instance, IPv6 support which is not the part of 1.o.

OpenFlow Controllers include:

  • NOX

NOX is an OS specialized for providing OpenFlow switches, the du control, and visibility. It is compatible with Python and C++.

  • Beacon

Beacon is another OpenFlow Controller. It is extensible and Java-based.  It has OSGI framework, that allows apps to start, stop or refresh, without disconnecting switches.

  • Trema

Trema is an extensible OpenFlow Controller whose original name is Helios. It was built by NEC in languages Ruby and C. it mainly targeted the researchers.

  • NEC ProgrammableFlow

Trema gave rise to Programmable Flow. It is specialized for automation of network and wide interface of deployment for network simplification. Programmable Flow had the certification of ONF.

  • Lumina SDN Controller

Lumina SDN Controller 7.1.0 was launched in 2017 by Lumina, that supported Nitrogen (an OpenDaylight platform). Users can choose protocols and services through the help of such platforms.

  • BigSwitch

BigSwitch is a path to form a virtual private cloud that is base on switches and also SDN controller abstractions.

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