Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence With Python- A Deadly Combo!

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Source: Dan Bader

Thinking of a startup? Perfect! I have a gift for you and that is “Python”. Python is not less than a blessing with easy syntax and great readability. It was introduced in the 1980s by British group Monty Python. They designed it to support start-ups and new businesses.

It had a beautiful, interactive interface with a scalable platform. It is the best choice for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence because of:

  1. Highly Flexible and Adjustable Platform

Python is a very flexible language for engineers that allows vast options between scripting and object oriented programming. Python is the perfect choice for data structures linking. Its back-end is perfect and life saving for the programmers. It is a blessing for the developer to allow them to check the code in IDE for any issues.

  1. Prebuilt Libraries’ Availability

Python has versatile libraries. It is equipped with almost all the required codes used to build projects. There is no need to write codes again and again. Just pick the library and you are done.

For example:

  • SciPy for advanced computing.
  • Numpy for scientific computation.
  • Pybrain for machine learning.

There is also a library called ‘Modern Approach’ which is a unique Python library that allows pre-done coding. It is a great thing to stay away from hectic coding.

  1. Platform Independent

Python’s programmers are not platform dependent. With the Python code, developers can make apps for OS platforms and others. It also saves the time of testing applications on different apps.

  1. More working with less Coding

The logic of the Python can be implemented with fewer codes as compared to other languages. It provides a streamlined code and allows the coders to test the code without any further verifications.

  1. Popular Language

Python is very simple to learn yet dynamic. It is a very easy language for professionals and there are a lot of coders of Python in Industry. Also, the Python community is working harder, day by day, to improve the interface, libraries and code. Everyone is striving hard to make Python platform the best one.

  1. Versatile Support

Python-an open source platform is supported by a versatile community of experts and professionals. Its modules are very supportive in diverse means.

The benefits of learning Python for researchers and scientists are quite evident from the above discussion.

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