Job Description Of A Network Engineer- What Duties Are Included?

JD of a networking engineer varies according to how that job is defined. It has two different meanings with different responsibilities. These can be:

  • Testing
  • Maintaining
  • Overseeing networking hardware/software
  • Designing hardware/software.
  • Implementing hardware/software
  • Troubleshooting network hardware/software.

A network engineer engineering the networks

This category of the engineer is usually an electrical degree holder working at devices or software level. They work to create or maintain the hardware/software. His responsibilities are:

  •  Understanding the network standards
  • Understanding the specifications
  • Understanding drivers, protocols and signaling
  • Know about the characteristics of the networking technologies.
  • Designing, testing, maintaining, manufacturing or developing hardware or software.

The network engineers of this category will build circuitry switches, routers or motherboards, on the hardware side. He can also work on the TCP/IP protocol stack and DNS, DHCP  for an OS like Windows, Linux or Mac.

Networking salaries
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A networking engineer working on the networks

This category of engineers has knowledge in designing, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting networks at different levels ranging from the local areas, wide areas or infrastructures. The job description of this category is somewhat like network administrator using existing components and software for managing networks. They are assigned to just manage the network rather than designing or creating.

The job description is:

  • Designing test networks
  • Installing test networks
  • Deploying networks
  • Maintaining networks
  • Troubleshooting.

Generally, engineers work with vendors like ISPs or telecom companies.

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