How SDN is Helping the Small Businesses

All businesses either large or medium are embracing the capabilities of SDN for better flexibility and consistency. Seeing this, small businesses are also getting involved in SDN.

Basically SDN architecture was targeting the large companies and infrastructures as they need more provisioning. Then this perception changed with SDN maturity and companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook got proficient with SDN. It managed Layer 3 switch infrastructure and focussed towards the software-centric view.

Network devices have two planes: a control plane and forwarding plane for accessing and sending data respectively. These planes are joined together in a device, and multiple changes can be done via CLI if required.

Traditional network vs. SDN
Source: TechTarget

Small businesses benefitting from SDN

SDN simplifies network management task for small businesses in several ways:

Providing better visibility.

SDN is a way to provide better visibility of routing, switching, wired and wireless components. The non-technical staff can identify issues more easily.

SDN can help to abstract the networks into desired actions. For example, wireless traffic seeing the whole chain.

More secure.

The network is always vulnerable to attacks and threats. SDN works to automate the network’s provisioning. The SDN controllers account for consistency and security.


Another advantage of SDN is that it is very efficient in troubleshooting. It allows businesses to identify and mitigate the issue without any technical expertise.

Resultantly, it increases the efficiency of a business. Its centralized system enables remote monitoring even if the network is inaccessible.

SDN is simply a blessing to all infrastructures and businesses. No one can ever neglect the useful changes, it has brought to the industry. No matter your organization is big or small, if you want to progress then adopting SDN is a must.

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