How is Hybrid Cloud Networking Evolving?

The interconnection between private and public cloud resources is hybrid cloud networking. It supports workloads’ movement. Hybrid cloud networking works for:

  • The transference of data
  • Allowing for additional capacity to enterprises
  • Scaling
  • Lowering the costs of the public cloud.

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Enterprises use different methods for facilitating hybrid cloud connectivity, in terms of public internet services, VPN or interconnections.

Sometimes it happens that enterprises need to transfer data to appliances rather than any network. This data is then transferred to public cloud providers which demands an extreme level of security. So, they are encrypted and wiped off after the transference.

Network Providers offering hybrid cloud networking depend upon direct MPLS or Ethernet connections. Such connections are used to transfer data between the private and public cloud of clients and service providers. Sometimes hybrid cloud networking services can also handle cloud traffic and perform provisioning. Automation can accelerate this process and can fulfill the bandwidth requirements too.

Some features are getting improved like security and performance optimization. is getting possible by network Function Virtualization and SDN that more features are deployed now.

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