Does Network Traffic Analytics Ensure Security?

Network traffic analysis is the latest trend and hottest demand involving ML techniques for identifying threats and manipulating a response.

Traffic data improves bandwidth and performance. But, with the new technology release, traffic analysis is being used for security purposes of the network.  It involves heuristics and other machine learning techniques for packet evaluation and identification of traffic that can be a threat.The special sensors collect these data packets to provide insight of the upcoming time and provides a clear vision about the happenings. The tools access data and form a traffic pattern. The ML algorithms alert back of all the harmful packets.

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Network traffic analytics tools examine east-west traffic by flow parsing. All parameters are thean traversed.

Network analytics tools can also be used for monitoring of layers 2 to 7. They reveal the communicating devices and the volume of data being transferred. In this way, behavioural patterns are deduced.

But, right now the focus of network analysis is towards identification of threats. Threat management services and tools can allow for better activities in a network.

For the mitigation of threats, incident-response services are used. But, there are many enterprises which do not automated responses. Instead, they mechanize the steps towards security by blocking some of the domains.

However, the trend of Network Analytics is really prevailing. I mean who wants to risk its network? If you also think the same, then go for the mitigation techniques right away.

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