Network Automation Using Python Scripting

What is Network Automation?

Before getting to know the importance of Network Automation we need to know what Network Automation is actually.

Network Automation is a process of automating our networks in terms of its management, configuration, and operation.

The changing Industry:

The network industry is changing drastically. There were days when network engineers used to do

thousands of CLI commands every time they configure the network. And it’s totally insane. Isn’t


So comes the concept of scripting for writing codes only once and automating our networks.

Now the networks use vendors, APIs and community supported libraries with automation tools. It is

for fewer codes and lesser bugs.

Why Python Scripting for network Automation?

Python is a very good option in networks for a number of reasons. Python is a dynamic language. It

means that you can use python objects in program wherever you need. There is no need to define

which has made network automation bit easy for engineers.

Also, python is a super-readable language and you can easily decipher the devices. There is a benefit

to program networks with Python as network vendors and open source projects are making more

libraries and tools using python. You can write your own programs for big software of your


Python simply adds logic to your networks. The beginner engineers can learn a lot at the interpreter

or shell of the python which is user-friendly and it is present on all native Linux systems not just to

cisco, HP, Juniper, and Arista.

If you want to learn about all these techniques effectively, then check below: