Automation: A Key To Overcome 5G Hurdles

Know the promises of 5G?

  • Virtual reality
  • Remote surgery.
  • Self-driving cars.
  • Drones delivering everything.
  • Smart cities
  • And so on.

Although some of these technologies have been adopted still it will be a longer strategy to go, adapted by each one of us.

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Source: Ericson

The diverse use cases of 5G are really creating a challenge in the life of a vendor. The scenario is not limited to phones only but it is much more than that with unique requirements and commitments.

The 5G FWA (fixed wireless access) and mobile hotspot services are the simplest of its use cases. With the advancement of time, slicing and mobile edge computing is getting maturer And, everybody is considering on-demand services.

The architecture and complexity both are changing. To tackle all these things certain automation has to be adopted like artificial intelligence and machine learning for coping up with ever increasing demands.

The 5G is evolving with networking, so the life-cycle management has to be flourished too.

Automation is the only thing fulfilling all the purposes ranging from designing by orchestration to zero touch provisioning.

It is hence undoubtedly said that “Automation is the key to overcome all hurdles in 5G”

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