What It Takes To Be A Pro In SDN Career

SDN is the future which means we will have a career in it too in the near future. SDN engineers will be required and vacancies will be open too. The networking industry has very unique perspectives on SDN careers. Vendors will need to train the customers in accordance with the new technology. The companies have to decide now either they want their new employees to have SDN training or will hire new staff. A whole evaluation has to be done with completely new awareness.

The industry should think seriously about SDN.

Enterprises approach towards SDN

SDN training and careers
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How to decide which employee is best for you? What are the right skills for the employee? Logically thinking it is much economical to train the existing employees rather than new hirings.

A proactive, top-down strategy is required for definitive training opportunities. It allows the teams to work together. Opportunities should be provided to instill confidence in the employees’ abilities. The opportunities include:

  • Boot camps
  • Hackathons
  • Formal training
  • Certification.

It is a motivation for employees. It is the responsibility of IT professionals to train the employees and control their careers towards SDN in a professional way.

In this way, employees do their best for the companies they are working for and make intellectual moves in their skill sets.Good career stewards, for example, do their best work for their employers, while also actively making progress intellectually, careerwise and in skill sets.

But, do every employee need to be a programmer for understanding SDN skills? Actually not. The networking concepts are more than enough. To have a knowledge of software it is not always necessary that you should know how to code. Instead, the understanding of ecosystem is enough to get things done.

Any learning opportunity will really work wonders with the basic knowledge of the ecosystem especially in case of SDN. Just a plan has to be devised by the professionals and everything will be sorted.

So, existing employees can also set their career in SDN.

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What Are The Ways To Improve Networking Career?

The IT industry is evolving along with digital networking. IT managers have to look into the changing technology for getting advancement in networking career path.To do so, there are three vital steps to improve networking career and technology. This will lead to job growth. The steps are:

Maintaining credentials

The networking credentials, like CCNA accreditation,  provides the basic networking knowledge required to establish infrastructures. Such courses like CCNA promotes optimal networks.

Such credentials will let you know about tracking systems and to know about tools required for software troubleshooting in the network.  You can find these courses very easily, online.

To keep up with the changing technological needs, these certifications have to be revised once in a year with more advancements.

For renewing it, a special networking test has to be passed to prove their networking abilities and knowledge about the enterprise. After passing it, they are eligible for the necessary amendments.


Education continuity is very much important for augmenting networking career. With specialization one can excel in the networking field. It provides better opportunities in:

  •  Security
  • Data center
  • Wireless
  • Routing
  • Switching.

It is necessary for IT professionals to expand their knowledge by specializing and educating themselves.

Catching up the next

How is Hybrid Cloud Networking Evolving?

The interconnection between private and public cloud resources is hybrid cloud networking. It supports workloads’ movement. Hybrid cloud networking works for:

  • The transference of data
  • Allowing for additional capacity to enterprises
  • Scaling
  • Lowering the costs of the public cloud.

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Enterprises use different methods for facilitating hybrid cloud connectivity, in terms of public internet services, VPN or interconnections.

Sometimes it happens that enterprises need to transfer data to appliances rather than any network. This data is then transferred to public cloud providers which demands an extreme level of security. So, they are encrypted and wiped off after the transference.

Network Providers offering hybrid cloud networking depend upon direct MPLS or Ethernet connections. Such connections are used to transfer data between the private and public cloud of clients and service providers. Sometimes hybrid cloud networking services can also handle cloud traffic and perform provisioning. Automation can accelerate this process and can fulfill the bandwidth requirements too.

Some features are getting improved like security and performance optimization. is getting possible by network Function Virtualization and SDN that more features are deployed now.

Cloud is the demand of today, considering ever evolving data rate. The knowledge of cloud is a must for engineers or vendors working to establish their business. If you do not know where to seek this knowledge then contact Logic Finders right away.

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Job Description Of A Network Engineer- What Duties Are Included?

JD of a networking engineer varies according to how that job is defined. It has two different meanings with different responsibilities. These can be:

  • Testing
  • Maintaining
  • Overseeing networking hardware/software
  • Designing hardware/software.
  • Implementing hardware/software
  • Troubleshooting network hardware/software.

A network engineer engineering the networks

This category of the engineer is usually an electrical degree holder working at devices or software level. They work to create or maintain the hardware/software. His responsibilities are:

  •  Understanding the network standards
  • Understanding the specifications
  • Understanding drivers, protocols and signaling
  • Know about the characteristics of the networking technologies.
  • Designing, testing, maintaining, manufacturing or developing hardware or software.

The network engineers of this category will build circuitry switches, routers or motherboards, on the hardware side. He can also work on the TCP/IP protocol stack and DNS, DHCP  for an OS like Windows, Linux or Mac.

Networking salaries
                                                        Skills that boost salaries

A networking engineer working on the networks

This category of engineers has knowledge in designing, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting networks at different levels ranging from the local areas, wide areas or infrastructures. The job description of this category is somewhat like network administrator using existing components and software for managing networks. They are assigned to just manage the network rather than designing or creating.

The job description is:

  • Designing test networks
  • Installing test networks
  • Deploying networks
  • Maintaining networks
  • Troubleshooting.

Generally, engineers work with vendors like ISPs or telecom companies.

To get these jobs, certifications of networking play a very helping role. To get to know more about these certifications and necessities to be a network engineer, we have a comprehensive networking book for you.

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Will 5G Require New Engineering Skills?

The race of networks started with 3G that formed the basis of many corporate networks. Then 4G came with much more capabilities handling cellular voice traffic over IP. When IP characteristic was same in both the networks, one thing became quite clear that engineers of both the networks will share many common skills of networking.

Now, is the time for the 5th generation. It will be operational by 2020 or 2021, and will be adopted by the majority till 2024.

As 5G is a carrier technology so no complex skills are required. However, a change is expected and is demanding to provide new skills for r cloud-based and mobile applications.

The most important engineering skill will be security. The engineers will need to manage overlapping cloud and 5G services for the enterprise.

The engineers are already facing difficulties in 5G deployments and provisioning. 5G demands complex programmability for handling volume of data and services.

5G network changes


Software and microservices will play an integral role in 5G service. The engineers will not need to program their devices using Command Line Interfaces, and they will require more programmability, orchestration and automation.

The network engineer will need to focus on:

  • Software-defined networking or SDN, required for routing.
  • SD-RAN, for radio connectivity.
  • Network functions virtualization, for virtualizing gateways, firewalls or load balancing.
  • Network automation, for quick handling of the changes.

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